Theo Erasmus

Global Executive

Wessel Fourie


Josephus Fourie

Vice President: Research Operations

Maxime Madder

Director: Parasitology and Vector-Borne Diseases

Carli Botha

Deputy Director: Finance, Contracting and Legal

German Graff

Director: Business Development and Marketing

Stephen Brown

Deputy Director: Project Lead and Administration

Alec Evans

Senior Manager: Program Management and Monitoring

Jonathan Hare

Director: Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics

Jennifer Heathcote

Director: Research Quality and Support

Robyn Durr-Henry

Director: Quality Assurance and Compliance

Kimberly Simmons

Director: Global Regulatory Affairs

Tore Tollersrud

Clinglobal TAHSSL representative

Francois Maree

Director: Biologics and Infectious Diseases